Glacial Erratics

Antarctica Trip Log

January 06, 2007

I've started recording some memories of the trip to Antarctica using a Socialtext workspace. Go there for stories and links to pictures. Let me know if you drop by.    (Q62)

For direct links to photos:    (Q66)


On January 6, 2007 03:21 PM Jon Konrath said:

I am extremely envious, and after summer in Alaska, it's either Iceland or the big A next. I have a billion questions about logistics, price, season, etc. Maybe I should just start googling, but do you have a good URL for a starting point, or the company you used?    (Q63)

On January 8, 2007 03:16 AM Joe Blaylock said:

I, too, am jealous. Though not too much; I think I've got time to make the trip, if I don't get too tied down before then.    (Q64)

I'm really interested in the pictures, and everything else you have to share.    (Q65)