Glacial Erratics

Rainier Poster for You and Me

August 06, 2006

Update: Seb is the winner! He'll get a poster of this one.    (Q57)

Back in late August of 2003 I went to Mt. Rainier with Sabrina for a few days. It was lovely and since then Mt. Rainier has become my favorite photographic subject.    (Q4V)

On that trip I took:    (Q4W)    (Q4X)

Later, back in Indiana, to remind myself, I had a poster made. The poster has hung near my desk, wherever my desk happens to be, since then.    (Q4Y)

I've since moved to Seattle, my access to Rainier is much easier, but for whatever reason, until yesterday I had only been back to the park once. Yesterday we finally went back, it was lovely again, and I had a somewhat improved camera.    (Q4Z)

So now I want to make another poster, but I can't decide what photo use, so I'm asking you for help. View my pics of Mt. Rainier in Flickr and leave some comments saying something like "Make this one a poster" on the one or more that you think would be the best choice for poster. Also leave some way I can identify you for later. I'll make two big posters of the one that gets the most votes.    (Q50)

One goes to me to go on the wall next to my desk. The other one goes to someone selected from the voters. Either the person who clearly was most into playing this silly game, or someone randomly chosen from the list of people who voted on the winner. Voting stops on the 15th. If no one votes I'll cry like a big baby and take my poster and go home. If people pick a sucky photo (at my sole discretion) because they are party poopers, I'll say so, and we'll move on to some other photo.    (Q51)

Leave comments either on the photo pages in Flickr or here, with a link to the photo page.    (Q52)

For a photo to be considered for the poster, it needs to present a view of the mountain as its primary subject or one of its primary subjects. It does not need to be in the collections linked below, but it does need to be a photograph that I took that is stored on Flickr.    (Q53)

I made two sets from the trip yesterday. Part one is the stuff I thought was best or some reason tickled me the most. Part two is the stuff that still seemed pretty good or I thought my family might like to see.    (Q54)

There's also the rainier tag at flickr. Not all of those photos are of Mt. Rainier. Some are on Mt. Rainier.    (Q55)

Thanks.    (Q56)