Glacial Erratics

PUT for Atom or DELETE

February 19, 2006

The Atom-Protocol list has fallen down the X does not support PUT and DELETE hole again. I've only been on the list a short time, so I'm talking from a position of extensive ingorance, but I get the impression this is one of several issues that keep coming back like bad mothers in law.    (PYP)

I don't really get it. The current bugaboos are "low-rent" hosting and J2ME. A low rent hosting solution is generally defined as a one stop cheap shop for getting your blog up on the internet on which the user has little control of their environment (such as the web server configuration) and the web server does not, for some reason, allow PUT and DELETE.    (PYQ)

J2ME, I assume, is a problem because released code, out there on already deployed phones, was written without PUT and DELETE support. Is there some issue that makes PUT and DELETE impractical on the devices, or is it just a misstep in the code?    (PYR)

If it is a misstep in the code, why not keep APP on the straight and narrow, and make APP good enough that the cheap boats will rise to take advantage of it. It's not as if one day suddenly everyone should be able to use APP from every network connected device ever made. That would be nice, but is it necessary? No.    (PYS)

J2ME can be improved, and people who want to Atom on their phones will go hunting for devices or software that lets them. They may even hassle their providers. Or does that not happen any more? We just take what we're given?    (PYT)

I don't know, maybe there's some other complication, completely off my radar, and I'm dumb. It happens a lot.    (PYU)

When I started working on APP support for Socialtext, PUT and DELETE were completely outside our local grammar. So I put it in. Since then we've not quite managed to get APP going (soon), but we've expanded our minds on how to interact with content. REST == Good.    (PYV)

Last week, when Eugene and I started, I wanted to use HTTP-Server-Simple to run the web server for the initial HTTP based API we created. But then I discovered it didn't support PUT and DELETE. So I patched the one line of code, and now there's a new version, and whoo hoo.    (PYW)

Not the same thing, I know, but still...    (PYX)