Glacial Erratics

February 17, 2006

Last week Eugene swung by after RecentChangesCamp and we took a day to do something we've been talking about for years: We finally made a separate module for handling the PurpleNumber creation and index management that is used in PurpleWiki.    (PYC)

The code is still coming together. Thus far there's a subversion repository with working code at:    (PYD)

The basic functions of the tool are pretty straightforward:    (PYF)

NIDs are stored in SQLite. The code is written with something akin to a factory class so other data storage implementations will be easy to create.    (PYI)

Accessing the data store can be done through direct use of the Perl library, or through a RESTful server subclassed from HTTP-Server-Simple (thanks to Jesse for releasing a new version patched to support PUT and DELETE).    (PYJ)

Using a central nid index for multiple wikis or other tools that use PurpleNumbers enables TransClusion between those multiple tools.    (PYK)

It's nice to get this going.    (PYL)

Update: There's been a fair amount of updates recently. The commit messages have more info.    (PYZ)

Update 2: Released to CPAN.    (PZ0)