Glacial Erratics

Little Si Proj Hunt (dood)

January 16, 2006

Last weak, while sweating the usual travails of a-team at the climbing gym, a fellow suggested that without a project all this training will eventually feel hollow. He said, "Go up to 32, have a look around, pick something out, and keep going back."    (PY2)

If he were younger he might have said, "brah, you need a sick proj."    (PY3)

32 is Exit 32 which is the I-90 exit nearest Little Si, the little peak West of its big brother Mount Si.    (PY4)

It's been raining for near record continuous days here in the pnw. The mountains have received a constant mix of snow and rain. Suburbs are a awash in a sea of trailer swallowing mud. But Sabrina and I needed some walkies, and I wanted to reconnoiter my proj (dood) so of we trotted yesterday, swaddled in our rain gear. Our dreary beginnings improved as the day wore on:    (PY5)    (PY6)

It's a lovely walk to the top of Little Si. Not overly strenuous but not cake. It was very muddy.    (PY7)

I'm not sure if I found a proj (bro). I took a look at the (very wet) crags and found them impossible to read. I'm spoiled by the near impossible friendliness of the rock of Red River Gorge. I'll have to return for more contemplation.    (PY8)

All pics from our walk up little si.    (PY9)

Today I reviewed some . Martin Luther King, Jr. history.    (PYA)