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May 28, 2005

Some more progress on my Fiddling. In my efforts to explore, I've completely lost touch with make it work in all browsers. Reports of weirdness appreciated. As I don't have comment submission working yet (see below), try email.    (PNS)

It is now possible to read comments. With javascript on, a comment reading widget shows up midscreen that lets you flip through a sequence of comments. Try my Blaise bashing entry for a sample. Click on "Read Comments". This one works in Safari (I have 2.0) and Firefox. The comments pushed into a hidden div on the page with the MovableType template system. When the page loads, they are found, pushed onto an array, and made available for later onclick action.    (PNT)

There's nothing in place yet for submitting a comment. My plan is a sort of one time comment pad. The form will be generated as needed from the server with fields with meaningless dynamic names. The form will submit to a CGI that has a different name with every go. The CGI will self destruct after submission. Links to retrieve the form will be generated via javascript. etc. etc. Or some subset of that depending on urges. Maybe the good Dr. Surly has some thoughts.    (PNU)

The 'Contextualize' link is now active. In most situations it will produce a div explaining why it is not working for you. If you click it now before you make any of the changes it suggests (or implies) you'll get the drift. If you are using a Mozilla-based browser and you have made the codebase principals changes, clicking the link will cause the URL of the current page to be looked up (via Sarissa) at technorati via their API. The results are returned as RSS then transformed to HTML in the browser using an XSL file located on my server. The output is simple enough that the XSL can handle the three styles of RSS generally floating around.    (PNV)

The Safari developers promise there will be support for XSLTProcesssor real soon now®. I don't yet know about cross domain document retrieval. A bit of a stopper, but if we really want a flexible ajax world, it's a problem that's going to need an easy solution.    (PNW)

Does any of this work in IE?    (PNX)

View source leads to all the javascript and from there to the XSL as well.    (PNY)


On June 20, 2005 08:18 AM testc said:

testc    (PP8)

On June 20, 2005 08:22 AM teste said:

teste    (PP9)

On June 20, 2005 08:25 AM testf said:

testf    (PPA)

On July 8, 2005 06:37 PM test said:

this is a test with the other form    (PRB)